The Grimes
 Q  Are Kathleen and Natalie sisters?
 A  Yes, in spite of the difference in hair color they are indeed sisters.
 Q  Where did Natalie's flaming red hair come from?
 A  Her paternal great-grandmother, Mattie Grimes.
 Q  Do the girls have nicknames?
 A  Most definitely. They are known by friends as "Kat" n' "Nat".
 Q  Are they twins? (People really do ask this!)
 A  Definitely not, says Kathleen, who wants to make sure that you know she is two years older than her little sister.
 Q  How long have they been fiddling?
 A  Bluegrass- since March 2006, Celtic- since August 2007
 Q  How did they learn so fast?
 A  "They are brilliant musical prodigies." (Mom and Dad's answer). In reality, Nat has studied classical violin for 10 years. She is self-taught on the fiddle. Kat has been a student of classical piano and flute during those same years. The girls have also had many years of music theory classes.
 Q  Any other musical endeavors?
 A  Yep. They play sacred music on a regular basis at their church in Plainfield, Indiana. Natalie plays in a studio strings group and is a 1st violin in the Hendricks Symphony Orchestra in Hendricks County, Indiana. They also play in the Possum Glory Train Bluegrass Band, based out of Hope, Indiana. They cap it off with a good dose of fiddle contests each summer.
 Q  What's next?
 A  Lord willing, a C.D. release and many more opportunities to perform.
 Q  Which do you like best- classical, bluegrass, Celtic, or sacred music?
 A  Multiple choice:
a) depends on the occasion,
b) depends on the mood,
c) depends on the difficulty,
d) better left unanswered,
e) all of the above   (your guess)
 Q  What is your favorite song to perform?
 A  Whatever the audience enjoys the most!