The Grimes

Our family gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and groups for the selfless part they have played in our lives.

  • Classical piano and flute teacher Nancy Crump for investing not just your musical knowledge but your life into the lives of your students; and for teaching and living "Your life and talent are God's gift to you; what you do with them is your gift to God."
  • Classical violin teacher Laura Andrews for your musical excellence and faithful prayers, and for your encouragement during the "down" times.
  • Bluegrass mentor and photographer par excellence Arnold Ellison
  • Past and present members of the Possum Glory Train Bluegrass Band
  • Beth Ellison for your friendship and creative photography
  • Photos courtesy of Ellison Photography
  • Faye Stewart of the Columbus Scottish Festival for introducing the girls to a whole new culture and world of music
  • Irish tenor Patrick Grant, and Loesje Chandler, Music Director of the Indianapolis Liederkranz for their sweet spirits and encouragement of family-friendly entertainment
  • Andy Binford for launching our original web site
  • David and Patricia Loy for their musical input; David for his work on the web site and Patricia for her sacrifice of, hopefully, only a little of David's time
  • Grandma Engelken for passing on her love of music
  • Grandpa Grimes for passing on the red hair
  • Most of all we are grateful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the wonderful gift of music and for His sacrifice on the cross for our sins

    and last but not least...

  • Shannon and Adam for putting up with countless hours of practice and recitals way back when we couldn't seem to hit the right notes no matter how hard we tried!
We also want to thank the audiences who make entertaining such a joy. We have such a good time watching you and meeting you!

Thank You